Choosing Your Reality, Especially When It's Out of Your Control

Choosing Your Reality, Especially When It’s Out of Your Control

A lot of us feel like our hands are tied at the moment. Theaters are closed, jobs are scarce, and the amount of loss and trauma from the pandemic can be overwhelming.

It’s really easy to feel stuck when you’re in a situation like this, where you have no control of when/how our industry will reopen.

While we may not be able to change the situation, we CAN choose how we experience it.

We can always choose our reality in whatever our given circumstances are. Tweet this!

There’s a common expression we use that demonstrates this very thing—we ask people if they’re a “glass half empty or half full” person. That means we’re already fully aware of how you could look at the same situation from two different perspectives.

It’s the same kind of thing when a friend and you have recounted a story from the past but you both remember it different ways. Even the “facts” of the situation are up for debate.

Well, let’s use this ability to view things from different perspectives to our advantage.

Abandon Powerlessness

The first thing we need to do is abandon powerlessness. We can remain powerful and have authority over our own experience no matter the situation.

We are not a victim. Even when we are the definition of the word victim, and even in the most horrific examples, we can still abandon powerlessness.

Dr. Edith EgerTake Dr. Edith Eger. She is a Holocaust survivor who has become one of the world’s leading experts on joy, and she’s now a specialist in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder. At 93 years-old, she still loves to dance and is famous for her high kicks!

Nelson MandellaOr look at Nelson Mandela, whose anti-apartheid political actions landed him in jail. He sang in his cell every day. When he was released, he become first president of South Africa in a fully democratic election.

I could share many examples, but you get the idea. You probably have people in your own life who you’ve witnessed staying powerful despite tragic conditions.

Avoid Blaming

The only thing blaming does is give the power and control to the other person or circumstance.

Instead, claim your power.

You don’t need to let the external circumstances control you; your internal circumstances (your mind and thoughts) are what truly have the jurisdiction on your experience.

Your thoughts are what feed your emotions and actions. Therefore, it’s your thoughts that dictate the harmony of the body mind, and soul.

(If you know me, you know I’m a big proponent of integrating your artistry, money, and health. Well, your health itself is an integration of body, mind, and soul.)

The harmony of your health is directly affected by the reality you choose to live in.

Harmonizing Your Health

When your thoughts are focused on your own power, you experience emotions like hope, joy, and determination. You’re likely to take action towards your aspirations.

On the flip side, when your mind is fixated on a negative external circumstance, your emotions are more akin to despair, sorrow, and self-pity. Obviously, this means you’re highly unlikely to purse actions to achieve your ambitions.

Release the Past to Create the Future

Living in the past is futile. You learned from it. You’re not that same person.

Release it. Create the future you want instead. Take what you learned and be that much smarter in the future.

For example, a lot of us hold onto thoughts about not being “good enough” because a teacher we had as a child said something like, “You’re never going to make it.”

Do you have more skills and knowledge now than you did when you were a child? Also, does anyone’s entire career depend on just one person’s opinion?

Release, release, release.

Create your future starting now with the expertise and intelligence you currently possess.

When you do this, your actions come from your choice, not from your defenses or self-protection, which are the natural responses when you’re in victim mode.

Keep in mind that the pandemic or whatever your given circumstance is doesn’t need to be over for you to do this.

Even just yesterday is the past. Start today anew.

Nobody’s Life is Perfect

We all have stuff in our lives we’re dealing with—things that have happened to us, illnesses we have, and tragedies we’ve experienced.

We don’t often see everything that’s going on with other people’s personal lives. We only hear what they tell us or see what they show us.

In case this is a big surprise to you, social media in not the full reality.

This filtered view gives us the illusion that everyone else has everything figured out and that their lives are easy and idyllic. However, if they shared the unfiltered view, we’d see their lives are a lot less perfect, a lot more like ours.

But while our lives aren’t perfect, we have CHOICE in the imperfection of our lives.

We can choose who we want to be in whatever situation we are in.

Find Your Gratitude

Gratitude helps with so many things, one of them being this very idea of choosing your reality.

There is always something to be grateful for. It could be as simple as the sun shining, or as significant as life itself.

Of course, we can always be grateful that we have a choice in how to view something. That’s the point of this whole post!

The fact we have choice in our actions is something to be grateful for as well.

This ability to choose our reality is what encourages us to keep driving towards our goals, hopes, and dreams. It’s also what supports us along the way.

The only way you get stuck or come to a standstill is if you choose to. When you get knocked down, you can stay there or you can get back up and keep going.

The choice is yours.

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