The Secret Success for Artists: Integrate to Amplify

The Secret of Success for Artists: Integrate to Amplify

Being an artist for your career is about more than just creating art. You’re also a business, and you’re a human being, too.

We tend to think of these as completely separate areas—our artistry is over in one camp, the business side is in a completely different area, and maybe we don’t even think of how any of it affects us emotionally or physically at all.

In fact, our physical fitness tends to be more about our physical appearance rather than career longevity or to increase our lifespans.

When you view all of that separately, it feels like you have a lot of plates you need to keep spinning to make it all happen.

Plus, for all the work you’re putting in, you’re probably not seeing the same amount of results.

What if you could make all of that a heck of lot easier? What if you could also IMPROVE the results of your efforts by doing so?

Well, I’ve got some great news for ya! That’s all totally possible by doing just one thing….

Integrate to amplify!

Stop the disjointed way of working and connect all the dots so they work together towards a common purpose.

For example, look at how how your website relates to your artistry. Now look at how the money you spend on it accumulates wealth for you via the jobs it helps you book. Also look at how proud you feel and the confidence it gives you when you submit it for a project because it shows you off so well.

Your website is not just a website. It’s integrated into multiple areas of your career and life.

The same is true for EVERYTHING. Why?

Everything you do is part of you. Tweet this!

It’s already connected. You are the common connection. It’s impossible for it not to be connected because it’s all part of YOU.

The success in one area, is a success for all areas, but that also means a weakness in one area can affect the strength of the others.

Think of a building. If one side is made from steel, one from concrete, one from wood, and one from straw, that building isn’t going to be very stable. It’ll eventually collapse.

It’s the same with what I consider the three main pillars in your life: artistry, money, and health.


Your artistry encompasses so much more than just your art itself. It’s your entire creative voice. It’s how you position yourself in the industry for the jobs you want.

The way you represent your art is just as important—your branding, website, and social media all fall under the artistry pillar.

Your skill level is obviously part of your artistry, but so is the time actually spent on training and the classes you choose to take.


This is often just thought of as how much you’re earning and saving, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s way more important to think about your relationship with money.

Money touches everything, so whatever you feel about money will creep into how you feel about everything.

Are you falling prey to the starving artist myth or do you love talking about money? How do you feel about your money management skills?


Be sure to consider mental, emotional, and physical health. All three are important, and in fact, they’re an integration of their own. You often hear of it grouped together as a body, mind, and soul.

Everything under that umbrella, from love to fitness to confidence to diet are all part of this pillar.

There’s a flow between all of them. Your thoughts affect your emotions and your emotions affect your actions. To keep that channel healthy, each piece of that flow has be healthy itself.

Balancing the Pillars

These three strong pillars are what help you blossom into abundance. If any one of these is weaker than the others, your life will bend towards the weakest pillar.

Imagine if you were a tree with a weaker side. Picture how you’d be leaning. Not only does this inhibit your growth, but the longer you lean in one direction, the higher the chances of you just toppling over.

When a tree is leaning sideways, we tie it to a stake to help it grow upright—we know that creates the most stable tree and allows it to reach its full potential.

Keeping your artistry, money, and health equally strong is just like that stake.

For a practical example, let’s say your career is rocking, and your health is outstanding, but you keep incurring more debt. Eventually that catches up to you and will cause it all to implode.

Or say your money is in order and your artistry is stunning but you feel unworthy of it. You’re not going to have a very fulfilling career or happy existence, and you’ll ultimately burn out.

For you to truly be integrated, all three pillars must also be balanced.

How it Amplifies

Sticking with the tree image, what happens if you were to prune it and get rid of the extraneous branches? It grows back more robust. 

It does this because its resources are no longer spread so thin. It can harvest its energy and send it where its needed most.

Shaping the tree not only makes it look better in the moment, but it actually grows even better from there. A few months later you prune it again, and the process repeats. You’re amplifying the results each time.

Another image you can think of is the shape of a bowtie. From left to right, the shape goes from wide to narrow to wide.

You integrate the 3 areas of your life to a more unified purpose (wide to narrow), and by doing so, your results are naturally amplified (narrow to wide).

Why? Because you’ve got clarity. You’re integrated.

Your energy is being directed to one place, not dissipated all over. Instead of many fragmented actions, you’re laser-focused on highly impactful actions that benefit all three pillars in your career and life.

Bear in mind, this is an ongoing process. There isn’t a magic potion we can drink that instantly balances and integrates these pillars.

However, WE are the ones steering our ships and therefore have the ability to continually course-correct as needed.

Keep integrating, and you’ll keep amplifying.

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