Creative Director of MASQ

I’ve served as Creative Director of MASQ since its inception in 2013 and returned for its 8th anniversary on February 8th, 2020.  We raised nearly $90,000 for the LGBT Center in New York City. This annual sold-out fundraising event has been featured in’s HOT SHEET listing their weekly top-ten LGBT entertainment and events. The masquerade features a variety of performers from dance to circus, and it’s hosted by the Young Leaders Council (YLC) of The LGBT Center.

MASQ is known for its unique blend of mysterious masks, immersive entertainment, and exhilarating performances. This year, we went back to a time where artists and future 80s icons were showing up as regulars in dark clubs filled with smoky lights and crowded bars, setting aside the boundaries of gender in unique self-expressions of identity. Guests reveled in the scene as it used to be in New York City, and they discovered who we really are behind the masks we wear.