“Wear a Mask” PSA

About This Project

Introducing the world’s first socially-distanced flashmob! This PSA is in response to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “Wear a Mask” commercial campaign. We’re #NewYorkTough, and we encourage all New Yorkers to properly wear masks while out in public.

Andrew Cuomo’s Press Conference:
The governor shared the commercial on his May 23, 2020 press conference.

BroadwayWorld Article: 
First Ever Socially-Distanced Flash Mob Receives Honorable Mention From NY Governor Andrew Cuomo


Concept/Choreography/Co-Direction: Jim Cooney
Co-Direction/Shot/Edit: Marjorie LeWit
Story Consultant: Nikko Kimzin
Performers (in order of appearance): Melodye Redding, Garen McRoberts, Jessica Dorcey, Rebecca Magazine, Shannon Giles, Wynter Mack, Jamal Shuriah, Danny Hammond, Corey Joseph Masklee, Kristin Seneca, Lariscy Elizabeth, Talia Dooz, Patrick Boyd, Esther Sanchez, Xavier Mack, Melissa Strain, Elizabeth Cowperthwaite, Rashaan James II
Aggravated Driver: Susanna LeWit
Additional Vocals: Kayley Anne Collins, Brittney Morello, Will Ray

Made with love in the City of New York