Reels That Seal the Deal

Want to book more work from your reels?

Then use this guide to show people exactly what they need to see. You’ll be playing right into their hands, making it an easy “yes” for them to hire you!

This guide is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve been sending your reel out everywhere but aren’t booking jobs from it
  • You’re stuck trying to decide what clips to use and the best way to show yourself off
  • You don’t even have a reel cuz you’re overwhelmed or don’t even know where to start

The formula I teach is a consolidated combination of what all the casting directors and agents say to do. It’s also based off our own human psychology.

And I know it works—people message me all the time about how many more jobs they’re now booking off their reels. That’s why I put this guide together for you.

Inside, you’ll find the best practices for four types of reels: Acting, Dance, Choreography, and Vocal.

It also includes:

  • Do’s and Don’ts for each kind of reel
  • An outline of each reel’s sections and timings
  • Example screens you can use as templates
 Download this 6-page PDF guide for instant access to all of this!

Reels That Seal the Deal

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