SEEING 20/20 ON 2020

Gain Clarity on How to Immediately Create the Career You Want Using Surprisingly Simple Methods

Part One: Get Crystal Clear Vision on Your Goals

This is a 7-day series of instructional lessons and videos to put you back in charge of your career. You receive access to the entire series at once, so you may move through it at your own pace. Each lesson contains written exercises and/or journaling as part of it.

Part Two: See Your Unstoppable Roadmap and Go

This is a 3-hour interactive video that sets your reclaimed power into action to quickly and easily obtain your dream jobs. Whereas Part One is about you, Part Two shows you how to deal with any external roadblock that gets in your way. There are written exercises as part of the lesson.

Registration for this program is now closed, but all of this training (and more!) is part of Amplified Artists. Learn more here!



It’s time for a change. How many years have you been (re)setting the same goals?

It’s not that you aren’t working hard enough. I KNOW you are. I see so many of you—my students, friends, and colleagues—doing everything you can to move closer to your goals.

Yet, the most common thing I hear is how you feel stuck. I really understand that feeling, because I’ve felt that way so many times in my past.

I want you to know that I hear you and I want to help.

Something I Discovered…

About two years ago, the metaphor of shifting into the driver’s seat of your career/life (and with ease) seemingly continued to pop up in whatever book I was reading, podcast I was listening to, or seminar I would attend, even when they had nothing to do with setting goals nor a career in the arts.

To be honest, I couldn’t connect the dots of how to apply this idea to our field, where it just seems so much of the power always lies in someone else, whether it’s the casting director, producer, writer, choreographer, etc.

But I was curious, so I tried to figure it out. And kept trying. And little by little, small things truly started to happen. And then I suddenly was reaching the goals I was setting so quickly.

Yet still I thought, this is probably just luck.

I couldn’t shake my curiousity though.

I decided to send myself on a mini artist retreat to really understand what I could do. I immersed myself in whatever resources I could find that was in any way related to this subject.

And then I had a “lightbulb” moment. It literally felt like in just one second, it all suddenly made so much sense.

Like so ridiculously obvious.

Like WHY do we ALL not see this?

Like I need to share this with everyone NOW.

And so I am!

I created this two-part training to give you the concrete tools to shift from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat, to know where to go, and most importantly, how to do it.

Rated Unanimously 5 out of 5 Stars
From Artists Who’ve Completed the Course!

Part One Topics

Part One delivers clarity on your goals and limiting beliefs, and puts you back in the driver’s seat, where you belong!

The beauty of this work is that ALL behavior is learned. That means it can be unlearned as well.

Good news, you’ve been learning and unlearning behaviors your entire life! Let’s get rid of the behaviors getting in your way and re-record some new ones that will give you crystal clear vision and control.

Here’s some of the tools we’ll use to do that:

  • Visualizing your goal and collecting factual data to support it
  • Learning the flow of thought to emotion to action
  • Avoiding getting trapped in the “how” instead of the “why”
  • Operating out of abundance instead of lack
  • Understanding limiting beliefs and how to disarm them
  • Untangling the 3 most common limiting beliefs for artists
    • Money
    • Time
    • Experience

Part Two Topics

Part Two gives you methods to deal with external obstacles, because life doesn’t always provide an open road.

Despite YOU seeing 20/20, you still hit roadblocks:

  • The same people keep getting cast
  • You get declined from all of the choreography festivals
  • That producer won’t read your script
  • You continually get called back but never book the job
This is why we need a framework that turns these roadblocks into powerful data that HELPS us get to our goal FASTER. Not in a motivational way like, “I’m going to prove the world wrong!” But in a practical, concrete, “real world” way.

This framework gives you a daily three-part routine so you can take a step towards your goal every single day. Simple steps. Bitesize steps.

We will work together on:

  • Crafting your own personal three-part framework of daily action
  • Incorporating laws of physics to guarantee success
  • Structuring your new behavior patterns
  • Streamlining the totality of your skillsets, passions, and hirability into one mission

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate? Do I need special software?

You do not need anything other than a web browser and an internet connection!

After you register, you will receive an email with your private access link and password. Just click on the link and enter your password to view the training.

No software of any kind is required, and there is absolutely nothing to install.

What is the difference between Part One and Two? Do I need to do both?

Part One and Part Two are meant to compliment each other. They both focus on a different aspect of goal setting and acheiving.

Part One is about having 20/20 vision on your goals and removing any limiting beliefs. Part Two is about dealing with external obstacles that come your way.

When you register, you receive instant access to both.

What does "interactive video" in Part Two mean?

The video in part two was recorded live, so there is a chat window you can follow along with where participants had asked and answered questions. Also, there are written exercises you will be instructed to do as you watch the video.

How long will the content be available?

Everyone who registers receives LIFETIME ACCESS. You may watch as many times as you would like!

What do I need to participate?

First, you must register. You will then receive an email with your private access link and password.

Second, you need a web browser and internet connection. No special software is needed.

Third, there are multiple writing exercises, so please have your journal or something to write with.

Why is there a fee to participate?

Glad you asked! There are a few reasons, actually.

First, it has been proven in endless studies how we show up better when we’ve paid for something. We take it more seriously and immerse ourselves deeper since we’ve invested in it. As someone in your corner supporting you, I know charging a small fee ultimately will help you dedicate yourself to reaching your goals sooner/faster.

Second, we talk about limiting beliefs about money in Part One. One of the tools we will use is breaking down the VALUE of what you receive. For example, compare $47 for 7-days of content and a 3-hour video training to the cost of a one-hour voice lesson.

Last, the less exciting “nuts-and-bolts” reason is that it simply costs me quite a bit (in money and time) to present this training. Charging a small fee allows me to recover that.

How do I register?

Just click the “Get Access Now” button below and enter your details! You will then receive an email with your private access link and password.



“Before this program, I was lost, feeling extremely stagnant, and my goals felt impossible. However, my entire mindset has changed and I now have the tools and resources to start propelling forward toward my goals.”
– Louisa Mauzé


“You have given participants access to simple, approachable tools to break down our own mental and emotional resistance. Simple but brilliant, and it all just makes so much sense.”
– Danielle Burdick English


“I was really floundering with the next feasible step in my career. I have gained so much more clarity and confidence and most importantly reclaimed my power both professionally and personally!”
– Megan Chng


“I’ve done a few self betterment workshops and this is the first one where I feel like I have the tools to help myself in any scenario.”
– Esther Sanchez


“I’m bursting with inspiration and motivation for this new decade! Jim has shared a whole new way of thinking and a whole new way of approaching my goals.”
– Lariscy Walker


“I’m 67, not in the arts, and even I’M finding Seeing 20/20 on 2020 very useful. It’s very well presented and factually based. It is excellent!”
– Janet Parkhurst

Registration for this program is now closed, but all of this training (and more!) is part of Amplified Artists. Learn more here!

Any questions? Just let me know!